Water forms memories

I watched this documentary 1.5 times yesterday, as I cooked, because it blew my mind. I had intended to watch it again tonight, but spent my evening drilling holes in the bottoms of some of my ceramic flower pots instead.

Aside – drilling holes with a ceramic drill bit takes forever. I guess I could have gotten a bigger bit, but I still suspect it would have taken nearly as long. I have a headache from all of the drilling too and four more pots to go. I’m going to space the task out over the next two days. I will become a better plant mommy yet… plus, it’s a good exercise in patience and (literally) gives me a chance to physically bond with my lil’ guys as I repot them.

Anyways, back to water. This documentary manages to tie in many concepts and stories that I have heard here and there, but never connected together. And let me tell you, this is a prime example of what Aristotle meant when he said that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The documentary also made me have a flash back to a Vancouver Greenest City event I volunteered at a few months ago. At this event, I met a man whose business helped farmers turn their farms into organic farms. As this gentleman and I got talking, we got onto the topic of the Universe, and he started to tell me about his other business project – he has invented a portable helix-shaped device that cleanses water of its memories. Yup. Now I may be projecting, but I think that I know what you are thinking. I know what I was thinking when he told me. I try to be open minded, but sometimes things seem rather outlandish, even to me. He said that we should get together for a coffee sometime and he would tell me more about it. I got his business card and was like, “riiiiiight.” Then I forgot all about it. Well, flash forward a few months, and here I am wishing that I knew where I put his business card. I’m ready to receive with an open mind. Lucky for me, the Universe has a funny way of providing — a few months before this random encounter with the “water man”, I was at a drum circle at Second Beach where I met a woman with the most beautiful green eyes, dark hair, and a handful of instruments that she brought for people to play. I chatted her up for a good while before we went our seperate ways. Big deal, right? Wrong. Guess who this woman ends up working for?!? Yup, water man!!! She was at the Greenest City event as well. I didn’t place her at first, but I was drawn to her dark hair and green eyes again and we eventually placed each other. Turns out she’s married… but she also talks in Universe and we connected again so we got each others’ facebook contacts. Funny how things work out. Who would have thunk it?!? So it doesn’t matter that I probably don’t have this man’s business card because I’ll just contact his employee, my acquaintance. Thank you Universe!

… to be continued… 

4 thoughts on “Water forms memories

    • I know, right?!? I need to follow-up… I wonder what this adventure will bring. Stay tuned… although I suspect I won’t touch on this for another month or so. Definitely before Burning Man.

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