Thanks to your help – my re-worked bio

I’m super grateful for all of the thoughtful feedback on my bio, as well as for those of you who left verbal high-fives and affirmations. Thanks to all of you, my bio is looking better than ever! I’m still not sure about what photo to use. I’m leaning towards the one of me at the art show – in all my feather and leather headband glory – but I’ve also included a headshot my friend took of me last night. Any thoughts are much appreciated!

I’ve included the revised bio below. Main changes include: creating more white space by breaking the paragraphs up – less over-whelming and easier to scan for key points; copy-editor stuff like placement of commas and consistent use of spelling; and inclusion of key funding sources – reminded me to let go of self-judgment around bragging and to accept that this is an important component of academia (and be grateful for my blessings around it).

University of Cambridge here I came… well… end of May… but close enough!!!!


“Anna Chudyk is a third year doctoral candidate in the Experimental Medicine program at the University of British Columbia; she is working under the supervision of Dr. Heather McKay.

Anna obtained an Honors Bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences in 2006 and a Masters in Epidemiology and Biostatistics in 2008, both from the University of Western Ontario. Her research interests include the built environment, travel behavior and physical activity, all within the context of aging.

For her doctoral research, Anna conducted a cross-sectional study investigating the association between the built environment, mobility and health of 161 financially-vulnerable older adults living in neighborhoods across Metro Vancouver. Anna hopes that the results of doctoral work will help older adults maintain their functional autonomy and maximize their health by providing more insight on the characteristics of communities that support active aging and aging in place. Anna’s doctoral work is supported by a Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship and her doctoral study was funded by a Canadian Institute of Health Research Emerging Team Grant (PI: McKay).

In her spare time Anna loves to take walks in the forest, as inspired by one of her favorite authors – Henry David Thoreau; swim in the ocean; meditate; climb trees; practice yoga; and engage in existential inquiries.”

4 thoughts on “Thanks to your help – my re-worked bio

  1. I love both pics of you Anna…. but you have to decide what look you want… first impressions count! Hippy Artist vs. Happy Intellect?? You will have to decide!

    • I like the way you framed that… it has actually got me to re-consider my initial choice. Maybe happy intellect is better because it’s more subtle… and they can get a feel for my non-academic personality through my last paragraph. I’ve got until tomorrow to decide!!!!

  2. Hi Anna. Given that you are going to England, and they are rather particular about the Queen’s English, you may want to use the word Metropolitan vs the short form. Great bio. I like both pics but the second one would be my pick.

    Regards, Mike

    • Hey Mike!!! Thanks for taking the time to read and catch that. Change has been made! I’m planning on visiting Buckingham Palace before I head to Cambridge… and I think you just helped me save face with the Queen 🙂 Big love my friend. Xo

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