The Place of Change


The spring wind caresses Embodied with the remnants of autumn’s past And I weep rainbows As it whispers Release into me Only through passing Does every moment come … Continue reading → 

When hugs become constricting

when hugs are constricting

A bird with a wing A wing that’s been broken And it’s healed. It healed while holding tight Tight against itself. An inward hug Turned into a subconscious shield. Years removed it now soars Higher than before With a self-assured ease But even still, The wing holds tight A scar internalized But hugs turn constricting … Continue reading → 

A walk in the forest

As the wind blows, I feel my toes. A calmness comes over me. I hear the bustle of the leaves And the wind against my skin. I hear the birds and their sweet songs And I pause to breathe and take it all in. I look up towards the trees … Continue reading →

The quiet of the raindrop

A little raindrop/ Suspended in a tree/ Rain is coming down all around it/ But there it stays/ Just suspended In a tree/ Water flowing/ Individual speckles/ Of loosely combined/ Yet tightly held/ Droplets  Continue reading →

How do I know I am where I ought to be?

If I am who I am And who I am is me, Then what I portray Isn’t someone I pretend to be. What I think, What I do, Is independent Of the you; Of what I’m told, And what I’ve … Continue reading →

Spider, spider, spider webs

Spider, spider, spider webs. Everywhere I look are spider webs. When I go for my walks, There’s spider webs. But I don’t ever really see the webs. So I’ll stop and actually look. And try to see the Spider, spider, … Continue reading →

Lets be donkeys

I don’t want to be your anchor/ Thrown overboard into the raging waters/ Drowning in the abyss/ As I swallow fistfuls of dirt/ So that I can slow down your turbulent path/ To help you feel more grounded/ Let’s be … Continue reading →

 Where am I in the Fraser [River] and where is the Fraser in me?

I am a rock on the embankment of the river. Kicked by the careless footsteps of a passing stranger I begin to roll. Down. Down and down I go. Accumulating momentum I plunge into the river. Cold. I sink under … Continue reading →

I think I like the rain

I think I like the rain. I mean, I think I don’t mind it at all. I like when it hits my face, my hands, my palms. It reminds me that I’m alive. In the moment. In a time that … Continue reading →

Morning Cuddles

Little flower. Stomped and trampled in a garden. So delicate and so broken. So Sad. You deserve so much more. Come with me. I need coconut water after last night. You need a better final home. There’s that monkey tree, … Continue reading →

Chinese Lantern – a ditty

Light a lantern… watch it grow… Continue reading →

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