Poems – Where am I in the Fraser [River] and where is the Fraser in me?

I am a rock on the embankment of the river. Kicked by the careless footsteps of a passing stranger I begin to roll. Down. Down and down I go. Accumulating momentum I plunge into the river. Cold. I sink under only to resurface again. I tumble. Grasping for air, the river’s might pulls me under and then it sets me free. I resign myself. It engulfs me. I am at peace. The current pulls me along. I feel the serenity of the flowing water. Passing along the countryside I am at peace with the river until I am swept up again. Spat out onto its banks. The river pumps through my veins. I was in the river and now the river is forever in  me. Scooped up by the innocent hands of a child playing in the muck I am whole again.

One thought on “Poems – Where am I in the Fraser [River] and where is the Fraser in me?

  1. I love your poem….speaks to me in so many ways….. that I cannot possibly put into words… thank you…

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