Remember, remember, never forget


Sometimes when I sit and close my eyes
I go to a place
That feels like a warped vortex
Expanding infinitely
While at the same time holding me tight
Almost like a womb
Not that I quite remember what the womb felt like
Yet at the same time I do
I think it felt like this

And while it expands infinitely
And I dissolve into nothing
At the same time I feel like a very small point
Condensed so compactly
I feel nothing and everything at the same time

And I sit there
And I sit there
And I feel so loved
And so safe
Until I’m gently released
And so I leave
I don’t know why I leave
Maybe I’m just there to re-fuel
And re-connect with that place
That’s slowly shining a light on fear
Connecting the essence of love
And saying gently
“Remember, remember, never forget.”
What does it mean?
I’m not sure.
And I am afraid.
I don’t want to lose this place.

And then I breathe
And go into the place of warmth
That I can now access here
The place that feels the depths of joy
And the heights of sorrow
And feels and expresses it all
Then lets go
And whispers
Remember, remember, never forget.
I don’t know…
Maybe who I am.

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