Asking for help – how’s my bio for an upcoming conference?

Anna Chudyk

As I explore the depths of vulnerability more and more, I realize that in order to further my growth, I’d like to explore vulnerability in terms of asking others for help and opening myself to help from others. I’m an aquarian. I’m self-reliant. I’m used to marching to the beat of my own drum. And I’m more single than not. All this equates to going at it alone with most things. While I like it this way – it’s comfortable – I know and feel that an important next step in my growth is opening myself to asking others for help and giving others the opportunity to give help and support. This brings up a fear reaction in me and so I know that this is my truth. Anyways, more about this later and onto my request for help.

I am going to England at the end of the month and have to write a short bio about myself. It’s important to me to ride the fine line between academia and being mySelf… I love and accept mySelf and am mySelf in all environments. Plus, the re-love-ution knows no boundaries. So here’s what I’ve got… including the pic I plan on submitting. What are your thoughts? I’d like some feedback. Yes, I am asking for help. Leave it as a comment here or on facebook or email me at Thanks!!!!!

“Anna Chudyk is a third year doctoral candidate in the Experimental Medicine program at the University of British Columbia; she is working under the supervision of Dr. Heather McKay. Anna obtained an Honors Bachelor degree in Health Sciences in 2006 and a Masters in Epidemiology and Biostatistics in 2008, both from the University of Western Ontario. Her research interests include the built environment, travel behaviour, and physical activity, all within the context of aging. For her doctoral research, Anna conducted a cross-sectional study investigating the association between the built environment, mobility and health of 161 financially-vulnerable older adults living in neighbourhoods across Metro Vancouver. Anna hopes that the results of her doctoral work will help older adults maintain their functional autonomy and maximize their health by providing more insight on the characteristics of communities that support active ageing and ageing in place. In her spare time Anna loves to: take walks in the forest, as inspired by one of her favorite authors – Henry David Thoreau; swim in the ocean; meditate; climb trees; practice yoga; and engage in existential inquiries. “

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