Boating and manifesting through lists

“Hey, are you going boating?”

“Actually, I just got back from a 9-day boating trip. Why’d you ask?”

“I’m not sure… your backpack kind of looks like a life vest… … … intuition?!?”

The answer was as simple as that. I woke up in a good and open mood this [Saturday] morning, and after firing off work emails, I decided to take P for a walk. I had just had a nice conversation with my mom, and was enjoying walking around barefoot and soaking in the sun. The world is my oyster. As I rounded the corner back to my place, I saw this lady sitting on a concrete slab and I liked the energy she was emitting… and then the words literally just came out of my mouth, which is awesome because that means I’m open and in sync with the Universe this morning.

We began talking about boating and sailing and life on the water. I told her how one day I’m going to live on a boat.

“Do you sail? How do you know you’d like to live on a boat?”

“No, I don’t sail, but I’d like to. I love being out on the water. The idea of a regular routine, everyday being the same — the same day for the rest of your life — makes me cringe. With a boat, you could pick up and go whenever you want to. Plus the ocean is healing… it soothes my soul and the water washes away negative energies and impurities. It’s cleansing. But first I’m going to have a house in a tree. Is that weird?”

“No. Not at all. A while ago I made a list. A list of what I wanted in a partner. Then I was talking to my friend and told her how I’ve lived in Vancouver my entire life and yet I don’t know a single person with a boat. What’s up with that?!? So she said, ‘add it to your list.’ And I did. Within 4 months, I kid you not, I met a person that matched everything on that list. Literally.”

“I believe that. I was talking to my friend about this two nights ago. I also made a list…”

I had made a list, under the guidance of one of my friends who was instructed to do so by her lifecoach. “Be specific,” she said though. “Don’t just write, ‘I want someone nice.’ Specify what you mean by nice.” Then she made me list off characteristics and criticized most of them for being too surface-level. “Go deeper. Be specific.” I didn’t really know why it was so important, but I followed her advice anyways. The following week, I spent my plane ride to Denver composing a list of what I’m asking the Universe to provide for me in terms of a life partner. I believe in the power of manifestation… and if nothing else this list would help me to sit down and think through what it was that I actually wanted. The following month I joined an energy channeling circle and began reading one of Eckhart Tolle’s books and realized the importance of being specific when talking to the Universe — the Universe isn’t good at interpreting. The Universe can get confused. It feels the vibrations of your thoughts, and emotions, and words and will reflect back what you ask – so ask for something general and who knows what’ll come back.

“My partner docked his boat at Spanish Banks for a change. We were out this morning and there were sail boats all around. Little ones too with little kids out on them. Like no older than five. You can join the Jericho sailing club and learn to sail and then go out on the club’s boats. I’ve been thinking about that.”

“Yes. Yes! Then I don’t need anyone. That’s the perfect answer. Screw relying on someone else’s boat. Then I don’t need anyone.”

Then Pam’s friend pulled up.

“Listen, my partner charters his boat. Let me give you his card. I’m sure we could figure something out.”

“That’s dope. Thank you. Have you heard of Burning Man?”

“Yeesssss.  I went in 2004.”

“It’s my first time going this year. I’m soooo stoked.”

“That’s awesome. Make sure you have a proper dust mask. I just went with a bandana and regretted it. Go to 3Vets. Tell the owner you’re going to Burning Man. He’ll set you up.”

We hugged. Good-bye for now, new friend. What a nice morning. Thank you Universe.

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