Everyday Zen – Today I resolve…

Today I’ve woken up in an weird headspace. Nothing is wrong. But I’m feeling volatile. Annoyed. Easily frustrated. But aware. So today I resolve to focus on my breath. Today I make a conscious decision to stay out of my head and to consciously bring my attention back to my breath as I lovingly create the space for these thoughts to float by. All. Day. Long.

“The important thing is that you are watchful, that you have not forgotten to watch, that you are watching… watching… watching. And slowly, slowly, as the watcher becomes more and more solid, stable, unwavering, a transformation happens. The things that you were watching disappear.
For the first time, the watcher itself becomes the watched, the observer itself becomes the observed.
You have come home.”
                                                                       Meditation: the First and Last Freedom, Osho

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