Everyday Zen – You’re #1! You’re #1! Ev-love.

Popsicle tail. Nibbled a little because sometimes you forget your tail isn’t a popsicle. Go go gadget claw arm – because the other one is a #1 hand… no thumbs. Bummer. Bird claws to channel the inner pterodactyl. Hulk Hogan fanny pack, because there were no neon colors. Rosy red cheeks. Teeth got in the way of putting lipstick on the lips. Lipstick on teeth is not how this one over here rolls. How exactly does one roll? By evolving. Ev-olve? Ev-love? Re-vol-ution? Re-love-ution. Coincidences? Think not.

3 thoughts on “Everyday Zen – You’re #1! You’re #1! Ev-love.

  1. Hi Anna,
    Thank you for the kind and thoughtful note as well as the iTunes card. Wow ! What a delightful surprise. I will be using it to create new playlists with gusto and pleasure. 🙂 I hope you are enjoying the music??

    I am very impressed with your blog – so much so that I directed one of my friends to it for insight on Openness vs Neediness. Some very Sage advice here. Thank You for sharing your blog with me.

    With Gratitude
    Steve Nunuk

    • Hey Steve! Thanks so much for the nice message and for passing the link on. I’m glad you enjoyed the iTunes card – the least I could do to thank you for being such a thoughtful ball of White Light.
      The music is great!
      Looking forward to seeing you at the next Gathering in March… and maybe at some community events in between!



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