The wonder of the sky

Since as long as I can remember, I’ve avoided looking up to the sky. Thoughts of the expanse and the fact that past the blue are stars, cosmos and other planets and places where our laws of physics don’t apply was too much for me to think about. So I’d try to keep my eyes to the ground-level beauty around me. What’s beyond our atmosphere was too much for me to ponder.

When I moved to BC I developed an affinity for birds (read about how this came to be here). And as I began to study the birds, my gaze slowly started to shift upwards. At first it was towards the trees, then it started to move upwards and upwards, and now I live in an apartment where I am lucky enough to overlook the mountains and skyline. As I’ve begun to fix my gaze on the playful and free flight patterns of birds, I’ve also started to notice other things up above. The clouds, for example, and how they are constantly moving even when they appear to be still. It’s so refreshing to gaze out at them, and see the silly forms that they take when you let your imagination run free. I’ve also noticed that there’s a lot more peace when you look towards the sky. The ground is filled with the human hub-bub and the clutter we’ve created, but they sky is for the most part empty and still. As I’ve spent more time looking to the sky, I’ve begun to be very drawn to planes and helicopters and watching how they traverse one of the only places left that is mostly the territory of Mother Nature. Looking at these aircrafts fly through the air has also caused me to reflect on how anything is possible. I mean, if a regular person like you and me could create something so mind-bending as a vessel that actually flies, who is to say that any of our wildest dreams are out of reach? Anything is impossible until it’s not. All that’s necessary is a clear intention, hard work, and faith.

When talking to a friend about this, she told me that she’s been staring off towards the sky a lot lately too. She’s also been drawn to helicopters and planes and when they fly above her, she closes her eyes and tries to feel the distance between the top of her head and the aircraft. Whoa. Just pause and imagine. So much room between us and what’s up above…

What do you see when you look up at the sky?

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