This is it…

My Shaman was in town last weekend and I was lucky enough to journey with her for two days. She lives outside of the country so I always try to make the most of the time I get to spend with her. Like always, I’ve gained some great insights into myself and life in general. Here is one of the major ones:

This is it. This is literally it. I’ve spent a lot of my life searching. I’ve spent a lot of my life focusing on things that I am trying to attain. In doing so. In being so fixated on the final result, I have had the tendency to disregard the moments that lead up to my “end goal” as being growing pains. The pesky “t’s” that I have to cross and the crumbs that I have to sweep up until I get to the good stuff. But the thing is, whenever I reach the milestone, it’s never quite what I had imagined it to be. Even if I’m really happy with it for a while, eventually it’s onto looking forward to another milestone, and the things that I enjoyed become the annoying cookie crumbs and the “t’s” to cross again. Always seeking. But is life really all about looking forward to things to come? What about the moments in between milestones?

While it’s good to think long–term, this is it. All that there is to life is what’s around me. This is literally it. So, what does it mean if this, this moment, this day, this last week is all that there is to life? Is this good news or is this bad news? Are you actually happy?  Pause. And ask yourself again – am I happy?

If you are, take a second and allow the feeling of all the memories and thoughts that just came to mind to sink into you. Mmmmmm J

If you’re not, pause a second. Feel. Hmmmm. Well that sucks. Ask yourself what’s up. Shit, dude. What’s up? Ask yourself – why am I unhappy? I mean you probably know why you’re unhappy. You know what’s adding to the unhappiness. You know what’s part of the unhappiness. And a lot of it may be out of your control. Or at least feel like it. That freaking sucks. But you also have more say than you think. And…

This is it.

It’s important to have goals and/or to look forward to something. Trust me, I’m the queen of ambitions and “to-do’s.” It’s also ok to not really know where you’re going. But what I’m trying to get at is that what’s steering your path is where you are right now. It’s the moments that make up the days that make up the weeks that make up the lifetime. So if this is it. If all there is to life is the experiences that make up every day – TODAY – what’s that mean for you? What can you do to start making each day the mini milestone? Every day is the most important day because it’s all that actually exists.

NOTE – Click the following if you want to read about my first or second set of journeys with my shaman.

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