In physics, the view that the universe is infinite and expanding has been generally agreed upon. But now there’s talk that the universe is in fact contracting and will one day cave in on itself. I buy that. If nothing is permanent, how can the universe, which is both outside of us as well as inside of us, be any different? If nothing is permanent, then it follows that the only constant is change. Evolution. Growth. Adaptation. All a natural by-product of existence. But what actually dictates the nature of this change? Let me phrase this another way. Why has the Atlanteans’ approach to development dominated our evolution as a species? Why have we as a collective chosen to funnel our energy into evolving what we can manifest (“create”) in the physical plane – look at all the stuff around us: tall buildings, cars, toilets that all but wipe your butt – as opposed to concentrating at evolving in the “psychic,” spiritual, transcendental realm?

I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that for the most part, the biggest bully in the playground is king. Think of the Natives. Their love and respect for Nature, and a deep-rooted connection to Her, had little chance against the White man and his guns and thirst for “more more more” at any cost. I remember reading a while ago (I think in Eckhart Tolle’s A New Earth) that a lot of our connection to the Earth was also eradicated during the Witch Trials, when the vast majority of connected and “in tune” women were burned alive.

But, going back further in time, there must have been a point where the choice was made by our ancestors to disconnect from the collective subconscious (and surroundings) and to focus on creating (manifesting) material goods into the physical plane. Or maybe the choice was never there? If we came from apes, then we probably have spent the greater part of our existence as a species focused on our life in the physical realm. I don’t think that animals sit and ponder what their existence means in the grand scheme of things. But animals do live in the present, while few of us do. When and why did we lose this ability? Where did we come from? How did this all come to be? What place does the heart have in a world where the ones with the most brute force seem to steer the Maven of Evolution? I’m not sure. But I do know that the only constant is change. Evolution is inevitable. But in what plane evolution develops is up to us and is dictated by where we focus our intention and energy.

2 thoughts on “Evolution

  1. Oh boy… such existential query. AC, where do we go next? I think the answer lies in PMA and the drive that individuals have to make their own way in this world, by bringing good things to them by thinking only of good things. Ask and it shall be given… Abraham…

  2. Ah, been reading the Law of Attraction I see 🙂 I’m not sure where we go next. I think we’re going to shift into a phase of more openness and connection to our surroundings. Partially because Mother Earth is reaching a breaking point – too many of us and too much of her is being destroyed. I’ve been meeting a lot of in-tune kids and teens lately too… maybe a whole wave of Indigo kids will come, grow into mature adults, and rise to places of leadership and power. Regardless, we all have a say in writing our collective destiny.

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