This week I resolve…

This week I resolve to attempt to give my full attention to the outer icing instead of thinking about how good the rich and creamy filling in the center will be/ usually is. I will do this by identifying a situation in my life that regularly causes my mind to wander to thoughts about the future, or to replay moments from the past. What is it about this situation that I’m avoiding? What is the common theme behind the thoughts and stories that my mind creates about this situation? Why does this situation [piece of broccoli] affect me, but others don’t? By doing this, I am making a conscious decision to understand myself and harness my power to be [present in the moment]. Slowly, slowly, the veils are lifting.

2 thoughts on “This week I resolve…

  1. Today I resolve to focus on this very minute….I am not sure what I will do tomorrow, as that is several hundred minutes later….. but for now.. this minute is what counts.

    • Exactly… and it’s all that’s guaranteed! You go girl!!! I know you’re treading in some turbulent waters right now, but focus on calming your breath and just keep on being you. All that you can control is your actions – easier said that done, I know. But the only constant is change and you will make it through this set of waves a lot more seamlessly if you stay true to you. For how else can it be, if what I do is [true to] me? 🙂 Keep on trucking my friend!!!!

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