This week I resolve to exert control where I’m struggling.

This week I resolve to take power back over a situation that’s been on my mind. I will do this by:

1)      Identifying the situation and reflecting on concrete details of what it is about the situation that is getting to me.

2)      Once I identify these elements, I will separate them into two piles – things that I can control and things that I can’t control.

3)      I will look at the pile of things that I can control. They are my roadmap and stokes for the fires of my hope and power.

If I can’t think of anything that I can control, I’ll step away from this exercise for the day and try again tomorrow. In every situation, we always have some ounce of control, even if it’s over our emotional reaction – it not only affects the energy of the situation, but our ability to be still and think clearly as things occur around us.

4)      Now that I know what it is about this situation that is bothering me, and what about the situation I can change, I will reflect on how I want this situation to change. Play “in an alternate Universe.” In an alternate Universe, this is how I want the situation to change/actually be…

5)      Now that I know what I want the situation to be, I will organize the pile of factors that I can control into a puzzle that forms a path to change. Start with the long-term goal (the way you want to situation to be) and use the puzzle pieces of this pile to work backwards and form a game plan. Be concrete. Think of check points that you need to pass in order to get where you’re going.

6)      I will take the pile of things that I can’t control and ask the Universe to give me strength. Strength to not only accept that they are what they are for now… but also the strength to believe in my own power to shape the situation by focusing on what I can control. Slowly, slowly, the tides will shift. The only constant is change… and I am the one that is now helping guide the change to where I want it to go.

7)      I will take the time to celebrate the little wins. They’re what helps keep me going and reminds me that I am more powerful than I think.

I am infinite opulence. We all are.

2 thoughts on “This week I resolve to exert control where I’m struggling.

    • You’re welcome! Thank YOU for the feedback Ruth! We have more control over our lives than we think… some days it’s harder than others to give ourselves that little push… but that’s when gameplans especially help us to see the bigger picture and help us to remember that we gotta keep on trucking! ❤

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