This week I resolve…

This week I resolve to be more emotionally honest, like a cuttlefish, and say one thing that I’d normally hold back each day.

Every time you do this take a second right after to pause and take a breath. What do you feel? A release and lifting from the chest? Your shoulders easing tension and moving towards your back? A sense of release? Something you can’t put words to, but it makes you feel lighter? What is it that you feel? That sensation is energy moving in your body. It’s neat what you notice when you take even just a second to tune in. Slowly, slowly, you’re awakening.  

5 thoughts on “This week I resolve…

  1. Hi there –

    I wandered in after reading a post you’d made at Ultrafeel about the cuttlefish. So I’ve looked about a bit and like your ideas and the way that you express yourself.

    My name is Roy and I am the steward for a tiny online spiritual group known as the Outlands Community. We charge nothing for membership and we don’t market anything. Pay us a visit sometime at the website link below. Be well and at peace and may all that is good go with you.!

    • Namaste Roy! I can’t wait to see what your group is all about. Thank you for taking the time to comment – it brought a bright smile to my face this morning and a strong and heart-felt expression of gratitude to the Universe. Love, love, love.

      • Well, hello!
        Thanks for your quick reply! Had I been a bit more about my wits, I would have asked you in my first comment if it were all right that we included a link to your blog in one of our updates; I’d still like to do that. We get roughly 25 – 50 visits a week, which may not sound like much, but we aren’t concerned about statistics. For us it is important that we’re just THERE, once in a while someone wanders in (like I did here) and contacts us. One of the other stewards, for the Community in the UK, did just that.

        As an older person I’m finding that so many of the things which upset me needlessly when I was younger are fading or melting away. As this is one of the goals of both Zen and Vipisanna, I would guess that I’m finally doin it right!

        Be well and at peace and may all that is good go with you.



      • Hi Roy! Thanks for the follow-up comment. The whole premise of this blog is to spread mindfulness and hope for a re-love-ution so please feel free to pass it on for that purpose. I’m glad that you’re “doin’ it right…” especially since there are so many ways to conceptualize “right” but you chose Zen and Vipisanna. *high five* 🙂
        All the best!

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