Everyday Zen – Today I resolve…

Today, I picked up my dog from the vet because she was just spayed. Her fat little puppy belly is red, stitched up, and looks sore. She’s groggy. She definitely just had a rough 24 hours. But as she sits in my arms and looks up at me with her deep brown eyes, her tail wags. She shows no indication of being angry over the fact that I left her at the vet to undergo some strange procedure that’s left her in pain. No. She just seems happy to be back in my arms. And as I sit here with her curled up in my lap, I kiss her little acorn head and stroke her beach babe fur. I am filled with an immense sense of peace and love… and respect for the lessons this little creature always manages to teach me. So today I will take a page from Penelope. And so…

Today I resolve to be grateful for what is, instead of lamenting over what isn’t.


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