In celebration of the full moon

I went to a meditation class last night that celebrated womanhood in light of the New Moon. So, when I came across this poem this morning, I thought it was very fitting:

I said,
I am a small woman,
bold enough to want
to hold a planet in my broken heart.

I said,
Here stillness falls
upon the shoulder of stillness,
as one shadow disappears in another.
Everything is here
in the point of this moment of air.

I said,
Under this hand of silence,
this woman comes to life,
like a waterfall undressing itself.

I said,
Reduced to a needle of light,
I am completely myself.
I said,
In each moment,
the story of the Universe is repeated:
There was nothing,
Look what is coming to be.
You always surprise me.
~ Deena Metzger

To the divine goddess in each one of us – Namaste.


4 thoughts on “In celebration of the full moon

  1. lovely poem, thank you…. I saw this the other day:

    You RADIATE what you think about on the inside. Think LOVE and LIGHT and you radiate PURE SUNSHINE!! ♥♥♥

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